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Legalization Services

Legalization is a process that validates your academic documents to be used outside the state or country from which it is issued. Embassy legalization of academic documents ensures that your qualification is verified and authentic. To further facilitate the students and graduates, the University offers embassy legalization services for its students globally. Students who seek to avail embassy legalization services from the University can contact academic advisors anytime or simply request the service from the student or alumni area.

We have a team of experts and consultants who have years of experience in academic document legalization. Networking and partnership of our team makes it easy for our experts to get the documents verified in the quickest and easiest way. As per the request, the attested and verified documents can be directly dispatched to student or employer.

Why is Obtaining Embassy
Legalization Important?

Embassy legalization gives your academic documents a formal status, a third party recognition of academic credentials, ensuring that your qualification title meets the highest education standards and quality, which is acceptable regionally and internationally. Accreditation ensures that your qualification and academic credentials are authentic.