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Scholarship Program

Scholarship Type

Caralyn University supports a wide variety of scholarships recipients each academic year in order to attract highly qualified students. While the vast majority of academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and scholarly achievement, Caralyn University also provides other scholarships that also consider financial need. If you are looking forward to get financial aid to advance your academics, CU have the following scholarships available for you.

Competitive Scholarships

  • Islamic and other Countries Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  • Outstanding Performance Scholarship
  • CU Honors Program Scholarship
  • State Funded Scholarships
  • Employer Funded Scholarships

Non-Competitive Scholarships for GCC Students

  • GCC States Scholarships
  • GCC Certificate Scholarships
  • GCC National's Scholarships
  • GCC Husband Scholarships

Other Scholarships

  • College of Education Diploma Scholarships
  • Short Scholarships for the Arabic Program for Non-Native Program

How to Apply?