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Global Faculty – A New Approach

At Caralyn University almost 1587 people make up our research, academic and support staff, spanning a huge breadth of cultural diversity. Our online academic structure is divided into 16 school of study, each leading their own respective group faculties. All academic courses offered by the university are carefully developed by our faculty members, keeping in mind the need for modern workplace and preparing them for careers, not just jobs.

People are important to us! At Caralyn University, we believe that academic success cannot be achieved without an exceptional faculty support. Our faculty members from across the world are teaching students to make a difference and their contribution in doing so makes the journey a lot more interesting. We have faculty members of different ages, nationalities and disciplines, enriching online teaching experience for our students.

Our Top Faculty Members For the Year 2016

  • The Demand For Online Education

    The phenomenon of online learning growing tremendously – distance learning is coming on fast. Online education has undergone a rapid and unprecedented events of change, following the recent advancements in technologyy. Students and professionals across the world are opting to study from their own comfort-zone.


    Center for Faculty Development

    Caralyn University offers a number of faculty development programs for its qualified experts teaching students online. Faculty development program has been designed to meet the standards of our ever-changing market needs. It helps faculty members stay updated with the latest events and news related to their fields and online education specifically.