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Financial Resources & Options for Students

Going to university requires a considerable amount of financial investment, but you should remember that holding a higher degree will improve your future career prospect. Caralyn University’s international reputation for higher education quality can lead to the mistaken assumption that attending this university is an expensive undertaking. Actually, our highly affordable tuition fee structure makes us the number one choice university for offering reasonably priced academic programs across the world.

In 2015-16 we allocated more than $23 million of scholarship funding to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students helping them enter the next level of their career and academic success. For the coming year our board of directors intend to set a 44 percent increase in scholarship funds. Scholarship funds are allocated across different degree level programs for students.

Complete Fee Payment Option

With the help of this option, if you pay remaining fees for your program at once, you will get a fee reduction of up to 14.5% (this fee reduction is other than the financial aid). In order to further minimize the financial burden on students, CaralynUniversity has started this Complete Fee Payment Option.

Case Study

Michael, a business professional working at a top multination enrolled in our online PhD degree program to upgrade her career profile to attain a higher position. She became eligible for 50% scholarship which reduced her fee and helped her in earning an accredited degree from a top online university. Moreover, she also opted to pay compete fee at once which helped her gain a further reduction of 14.5%. After the discount and scholarship, her financial summary was as follows:


Fee Payment in 2 Installments

You can also choose to pay your fees in 2 easy installments. Thanks to this option, you will be entitled to get a 7% discount on your total program fee.

Case Study

Addison got admission in our online master’s degree program. He became eligible for 25% scholarship on merit basis. Moreover, he also selected to pay total program fee in 2 installments which helped me get a further reduction of 7%. His financial summary can be viewed below: