An in depth analysis of
how and why people
behave in a certain way
in everyday life

Social Sciences

Social sciences relates to the study of social relationships and human society, which needs a proper framework to get along professionally. Social sciences is a vast field that needs to be studied thoroughly in order to understand in a wider sense. The field of social sciences is fascinated by human relationships and relevant actions. This is why the course is taken along accordingly. Practical understanding towards this course enable the graduates to comprehend how society works and deal with various complex situations. This field examines the relationship of human at an individual level and in a group at a community level, understanding the difference of behavior.

Caralyn University’s school of social sciences is designed educate students address social challenges which lie between society and technology. We offer students a rich and diverse experience to quip students with the skills that will help them make a success of their careers. As the job market is becoming more saturated and competitive, the demand of skillful and well-trained Social Sciences professionals is increasing. School of social sciences at Caralyn University provides the vision, skills and training required to increase prospects of success for students.


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